Smart Loan

  • For new and existing members with higher disposable income requesting loans more than £1,201 and up to £10,000.    JOIN ONLINE
  • Bespoke loan – each loan is individually assessed with a loan offer tailored to the member.
  • Our loan team assess applications for the amount and appropriate rate based on affordability, external credit rating and membership history.
  • Loan rate is from 5% APR to 14% APR.
  • Maximum loan term is 5 years.
  • Methods of repayment include payroll deduction and standing order.
  • Illustration of £5,000 borrowed over 3 years at 14% APR. You repay £168.96 per month and a total of £1082.20 interest over the life of the loan which is an average of £360.73 per year.

Enquiries can be made online, at 187 Fog Lane , through our community branches or by post.

Applications may include a short face-to-face interview.

The repayment example above is for illustration only.  Full loan repayment tables are available.

Click here to download Smart Loan Application form